My projects

  • davtelepot is a python 3.5+ async framework for telegram bots, supporting both long polling and aiohttp-based webhooks
  • CicloPiBot is a Telegram bot providing information about Pisa bike sharing service CicloPi
  • Twitter bot and Telegram channel about IgG4-related disease
  • IgG4-RD classification tool helps you check whether a patient meets the 2019 ACR/EuLAR classification criteria for IgG4-related disease
  • filebridging is a python 3.8+ async package to send end-to-end encrypted files via SSL over TCP, using a server as a bridge. The server does not need to store files or decrypt them.
  • Excipients handbook of drugs sold in Italy.

Hosted services

Suggested websites

  • ChezNadi – restaurant in Vigevano (PV)
  • Pinkriot – local committee for Arcigay, Italian largest LGBTQIA+ rights advocacy association